How to Start a College Essay

If you are soon to graduate from your high school and are planning to take up college, you are probably wondering how to start a college essay. How to start a college essay is one of the most dreaded questions that a would-be college student will have to face. You understand that this is not just some essay that you would normally write in your class or a random entry in your blog. You are talking about a college application essay that has a great influence over the outcome of your application to the college you are applying to.

Here is how to start a college essay

How to start a college essay is not as difficult as you think it is. In fact, the approach used in how to start a college essay does not differentiate much in the ways you write an essay in class. You follow the same set of rules for college essays; only that this essay borders on being personal and professional at the same time. How to start a college essay with a professional tone in a rather personal topic is a challenge to all college applicants. But remember that the essay is about yourself, so you can start by taking note of the qualities you have both as a student and as a person.

1. Create an outline
First, have your own list of the positive and the negative things that you know about you. Second, you can ask a friend or a family member to tell you about how they see you as a person and list down their feedback, too. Third is, have someone interview you and brief him to create questions that focus on the things that you love to do, your strengths, weaknesses and beliefs. This process is effective because you get to answer questions about you from other people.

2. Write the draft
Once you have the details you need, you will not have so much of a problem how to start a college essay. You can choose to write in these formats: standard, focused and story. The standard format is the one which is commonly used by the applicants. In the focused format, you choose one particular sterling quality or a memorable event that you would like to talk about but this is only suited to relatively short essays. The narrative essay or story makes use of a story to describe the whole essay. The framework of your essay should consist of an introduction which introduces the main topic, the body which contains the supporting details and a conclusion to wrap it up.

3. Proofread
Proofreading is the finishing touches. Once you are done writing, proofread your work for grammar.

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